Wednesday, February 25, 2015

RGClub Round 3 (official!) - Hurrican - February/March 2015

organic io suggested we play Super Cyborg, which is a really sweet NES-Contra style game which sticks to the classic formula but has enough differences to feel new...

However unfortunately A-Lin was not able to play it because it didn't work in Wine

So... A-Lin suggested Hurrican!!!

Which organic io agrees looks really really cool.

Let's play it and see how far we get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 2014, False start

Around October 2014, organic io & A-Lin agreed they would play a couple of C64 games...

Cybernoid 2

Trolls and Tribulations

Unfortunately organic io couldn't live up to his promise and he hardly played either game... While A-Lin continued to play Cybernoid 2 and get really super far, perhaps close to beating it!!!???  Good job man!!!!

Lull period

For a while we didn't play any games. Titles like Kid Chameleon, Ketsui, Cybernoid and Spelunker were tossed around, but no actual round started.

Round 2 - Game 3 - Truxton/Tatsujin - Arcade

A difficult shmup by Toaplan.

I don't know about A-Lin, but I personally didn't like this game very much. I guess I was spoiled by Battle Garegga and Dodonpachi.

Final scores:

A-Lin - half-way through level 2, score = around 150K

organic io -  only around beginning of level 2. No idea what the score was

Pathetic.....   :)    It's a really hard game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Round 2, Game 2 - Athletic Land (MSX) - March 2014

Round 2, Game 2 was - Athletic Land for MSX. A nice oldschool platformer from 1984 which is actually way more fun than it looks from the screenshots.

Goal: get as far as you can on a single credit. (I don't think the game has continues)

. I should probably put the game's date and publisher in the titles. I will go back and do that later   :)

Love this game...

Final scores:

organic io - Scene 42
A-Lin - Scene 31

Round 2, Game 1 - Ninja Spirit (Arcade) - March 2014

Round 2 was: Ninja Spirit (Arcade)
Goal: See how far you can get on 3 credits

This was an absolutely fantastic game!!!


Final scores:

organic io: Beginning of level 4
A-Lin: To the lake in level 3

Round 1 - Battle Garegga - February 2014

Round 1 was Battle Garegga which was held in February 2014
Standard config: Japanese region with 1 million extends.

Our goal was to see how far we could get on 3 credits. 

I don't remember exactly who got the furthest because it's been a while ago, but I think we got to around level 5. 

Misc screenshots:

Those invisible bullets will get you every time!!!! 


Revival time. We are going to use the blog to keep track of RGClub rounds, since it will be easier to keep everything in one place instead of digging through emails.

Presently it is just the two of us, but perhaps more people will join in later on  :)