Sunday, August 16, 2015

Round 6!

Round 6 will be Mario NES Builder.

The "game" I have chosen for it is called "My Super Mario Bros 3". Having no relationship to the actual Super Mario Bros 3.

Made by author DUICU ALEXANDRU who seems to be one of the better level designers for this thing.

This is probably one of the hardest sets of levels I tried out, although it is still labeled as "intermediate".  There are some fairly hard jumping puzzles that were a decent challenge for a SMB veteran like me and I hope they don't get you too frustrated.

Here's a link to the level on the NES Builder page:

To download them is weird, you have to rename them to .mario extension, otherwise they don't work with the game. Or you can download it directly here:

Screenshots of the first 4 levels:

This is just level 1-1, I love it   :) 

Watch out for this gap

Interesting architecture

This is the aforementioned jumping puzzle. I find it fun   :) 

Things are starting to get devious once you get to the first Bowser's castle..


Well, there you have it. Round 6 will run as long as we like, until we get tired of this. When we finish or get tired of this set, we can either choose a different Mario NES Builder set, or we can end the round and pick a totally different game   :)


  1. Excellent! It's my brithday present :-). I've only played 10 minutes but I already love it! It seems quite creative and challenging.

  2. Awesome, didn't know it's your brithday. Happy brithday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Thanks! Geez, I'm just coming back from celebrating my birthday in the midle of the nature. Some horses came and practically ate our food. That was wild, best birthday ever! :-)

    I've played a bit more, till the beginning of Castle 1. Beating the final jumping puzzle in 1-3 was incredibly rewarding! This Alex guy is a genius!

  4. Seems we were graced by the level author. Cool!!! (I posted on the game page that we were doing this for the RGC)

    1. I am going to upload My Super Mario Bros 4 ( The Lost Levels ) around 10 - 15 September 2015! I will tell you when it will be ready!

    2. I am going to upload My Super Mario Bros 4 ( The Lost Levels ) around 10 - 15 September 2015! I will tell you when it will be ready!

  5. I'm finally resuming playing that round. I've gone till world 2-1 in MSMB3. I'm really enjoying it. It more challenging than the original and I can feel there's been a good amount of thinking in the design, cheer Alex!

  6. World 2-2 :-) Organic IO how far have you gone?

  7. Whew, tonight I got to 3-1.

    On Bowser's Castle 2, watch out for the "maze-like" qualities that some of the Bowser's castles in the original game have. I.e. you have to take the correct path.

    Level 3-1 will take you out. It is long and just gets harder and harder. And it's forever until you get to a checkpoint. I think I went into it with 6 extra lives and came out a flattened pancake on the other side :)

    I'll have to keep trying on this :)

  8. Tonight I got to 3-3! It was a task to get past 3-1, but I was just really careful during the 2nd half :)

    3-2 wasn't bad at all.

    3-3 is turning out to be fairly difficult :)

    1. On 13 September 2015 I am going to upload My Super Mario Bros 4 ( The Lost Levels ) ! Please check it out when it is ready! :)

  9. I've reached 2-3 today. It's though (but don't tell me the trick!)

  10. Tonight I got all the way to 5-1! But it was because I found a Warp zone in 4-2. I don't usually like to use Warp Zones, so I really only got to 4-2. I want to go back and finish 4-2 properly

  11. Well done Organic IO! I was aware of the wrap zones, but yeah I agree they should only be used for training or such. I'm still struggling to pass 3-1, this game requires focus :-)

  12. What.... I found another warp zone in 4-2, it takes you to 6.... :(

    So I played around on 6 for a while, it doens't say 6-1, it just says "World 6 final". Once you get to the first flag, there is a section where there is a 1-up right after you die. So it is easy to maintain and keep trying over and over. There's also a huge line of goombas and you can actually jump on their heads to get extra lives, so you can get a net gain of lives every time you die. Unfortunately, the section after this is really lengthy and difficult. I tired of playing it after I got to 14 lives (I think I started the level with 2!) and gave up. It must be near the end of the game though.

    Next time (tomorrow night) I'm going to certainly get through 4-2 without warp zones!!!

  13. I just got to 5-2 without warps.

    Also I discovered an "exploit" (probably intentional) where you can get extra lives on 2-1. There is a part where you can take 2 pipes. The top pipe takes you back to the beginning of the level. During the "loop", there is an extra life, so you can just keep going back and getting the extra life. I did this about 5 times. You probably have enough time to do it about 8 times and still get to the flag without running out of time.

    Trust me, we need those lives later on


  14. :-D I have discovered this exploit recently as well. But I'm still stuck at 3-1.

  15. 3-1 is definitely one of the most difficult levels so far. Don't give up! You can do it :)

    1. I finished it!!!

      It turns out there is no 5-3 and 5-4, when you complete 5-2, it goes straight to world 6 final.

      World 6 final is just one level. The second half is pretty long, but it is definitely do-able. The final bowser boss is shooting hammers, I think he did that in the original game too.

      Fun stuff!! I'm going to find some more good levels for it :)

    2. Actually I wonder.... In 5-2, there are 2 paths you can take. I took the top path. I wonder if the bottom path leads to 5-3? I guess I will need to play it again and find out :)

  16. I managed to reach 3-3. I actually got there with about 50 files, that's cause I took about 25 lifes in the 2-1 exploit, then discovered the wrap zone in 2-something that forced me to come back to world 1!!! And took 25 more lifes in the 2-1 exploit again.

    In 3-1 I lost almost all of them, the jumping puzzle at the end of 3-1 is just too crazy hard, really. After I miraculously managed to pass it I felt in trance, I was breathing intensely and felt wired like if I were under NZT not to die till the end of the level (I think I had something like 3 lifes left).

  17. Awesome, proud of you for getting past 3-1!!!

    I'm going to play the thing one more time to see if I can discover 5-3 and 5-4, and then I'm gonna be done with it. How about you? How close are you to "I'm done with this thing" ?

  18. Thanks organic io,

    regarding being done, I might or might not have the availability of
    mind to replay it soon. But I think it's not premature to declare you
    the winner and to congratulate you for your impressive SMB skills! And
    to congratulate Alex for his excellent game design skills!

    For the next round I was thinking of Blazing Star, it's really good in
    many respects, if you can tolerate the Engrish voice... Otherwise I'm
    open to any suggestion. Why not a tough classics like R-Type (though
    after Alex's SMB levels, I might enjoy something a bit easier ;-)

  19. I managed to get to Castle 3, with around 10 lives, but lost them all, very tough, not to get touched before reaching the dragon... I think I'm done for that round.