Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Round 1 - Battle Garegga - February 2014

Round 1 was Battle Garegga which was held in February 2014
Standard config: Japanese region with 1 million extends.

Our goal was to see how far we could get on 3 credits. 

I don't remember exactly who got the furthest because it's been a while ago, but I think we got to around level 5. 

Misc screenshots:

Those invisible bullets will get you every time!!!! 


  1. This one was terrific. Can get you high after just a few minutes of gameplay. I suspect the invisible bullets actually contributes to that. Every time after playing a couple of hours I would start seeing those invisible bullets in my visual field when closing my eyes, then I would dream about it while sleeping. Really trippy!!!!!!

  2. :)
    My favorite part was figuring out the score system. Collecting the continually higher rank medals and seeing that score rack up. The first time I got an extra life when I reached 1 million I was like "Awesome!!!"