Monday, April 6, 2015

Round 4 - April/May 2015 - Caliber 50 and Saboten Bombers

Alright! Time for the new round!

For Round 4 we have:

Caliber 50 (arcade) - An overhead multidirectional shooter with a military theme from 1989. 


Saboten Bombers (arcade) - A colorful single screen platformer:

As usual, the rules are: See how far you can get in 3 credits.
Go go go go go !!!!!


  1. Played a round of Saboten Bombers tonight... It's definitely got some potential!!!

  2. This morning I've been spending some time trying to figure out how to record my gameplay along with audio commentary. I tried recording with my android phone first, but you could barely see the game and it just looked like junk.

    So now I am trying some screen recording options. So far 2 of them didn't work. Hopefully I'll get one working without wasting too much time. :)

  3. Saboten Bomber is highly addictive, reached stage 19 so far...

  4. Awesome job, you are way batter at Saboten Bombers than I am !

    Check out the videos I made tonight:

    Caliber 50

    Saboten Bombers:

    This time with live audio commentary. :)

    It took a bit of setting up, but this "Open Broadcasting Software" seems to work really well and not slow down my game while I'm playing it.


  5. OK I finally got to the level 1 boss on my 3rd credit. It appears to be some kind of deranged research facility, since the boss is 3 giant baboons... They quickly killed me and I used a 4th credit just to see what was next.

    It doesn't actually say "You are on level 2" but I'm pretty sure it is. As I suspected, the bullet count is increasing. But it's really cool!!!

  6. Cool videos ;-) I got to the baboons on my 3rd credit as well but didn't dare to use a 4th one. I've mapped the rotation to the right stick, this allows me to rotate at different speeds. I mapped gunfire to the left trigger and bomb to the right trigger, that way I can easily gunfire and bomb at the same time (though that hasn't brought me further than you).

    Caliber 50 is indeed really tough and mentally overloading. At my 7th attempt I just didn't know how to control the thing anymore, I'll probably dream about it... ;-)

  7. Wow, I managed to pass the baboons on my third credit.

    I couldn't find a walkthrough that analyzes the game in depth. Looking at this longplay

    It seems the baboon stage is already about half-way to the end (I didn't watch after to avoid the spoiler).

    For what I can tell it seems your weapons get upgraded with your energy level, I'm not sure what the icons (except for bombs) are doing.

    Man, I should try to record my gameplay layered with my voice, it's so tense I probably sound hilarious.

  8. The baboons are already halfway through!?? Wtf? What an oddly short game. Well, maybe it's not as impossible as I thought :)

    I would love to see your gameplay/commentary video if you make one

  9. Hey, here's some attempt to capture my gameplay + voice

    It's not really interesting except for showing the different rotating speeds, there's just one 1 credit of gameplay (then my sister saw me with 2 headphones on my head, one for listening, one for recording...)

    I'll try to make a better attempt later.

  10. I'm making progress, I'm probably 2 thirds through. It's very tough and intense. Watching again the youtube longplay I noticed that when it gets too bullet hell like, the guy just stops and clear the screen, steps a little bit, and so on. I on the other hand tries to move as fast as possible, on my last play I tried that step-by-step strategy but I died earlier. Anyway the guy is really a excellent player, he/she dodges almost every bullet!

  11. Lol @ your video... Indeed it is difficult to speak and play at the same time :) But your is more suspenseful than mine, where you are saying "ah" when the bullets almost hit you :)

    Your varying rotational speed setup sounds good... Definitely superior to my simple button presses.

    I used a pair of headphones for recording vocals for a song once. It did come out muffled.

    Sweet to hear you got 2/3rds of the way through. Good job!!! I'll keep hacking away at it as well.

  12. Here's an experiment. I figured out how to get my video recording to center the game instead of having it off to the side like that. And I listened to some "Progressive Breaks" compilation while I played.

    1 credit... I didn't do much better than you did :)

  13. Sorry 1 last boring video :)

    This time, with the XLR headset mic going through my Art USB Dual Pre interface :) It's loud at first but then I adjusted the volume and it sounds pretty darn good!!!

  14. Man, you're a true multitasker! I'm impressed how you manage to peacefully comment while playing. The sound quality is definitely good.

  15. I just got to level 17 on Saboten with 3 credits.

    Still working away at Caliber 50. One time I got to the baboons on 1 credit. I was doing really well, but then my family got home and I wasn't able to finish the game. Now I can't do that well again :)

    Also I noticed, the better you do in Caliber 50, the more enemies it throws at you. it must have some kind of rank system similar to Battle Garegga...

  16. OK, I just got to level 21 on Saboten Bombers with 3 credits :)

    Also here is my first strategy tip... There are certain walls you can't walk through, but if you get right next to them, you can still shoot projectiles through them... Thereby killing your enemies from a distance.

    I shall continue to try to master this...

  17. I haven't played Saboten Bombers lately but I've done some good progress with Caliber 50.

    First, I believe I cleared it with 4 credits. I didn't intend to, I must have accidentally given myself 4 instead of 3 credits (it felt that I had too many credits anyway). Then twice I arrived almost at the end with 3 credits, so I believe I should be able to clear it with 3. Yesterday evening I played it until complete consciousness exhaustion!!! :)

    Regarding the icons, here's my understand so far:

    - A increases the energy level
    - S makes you invincible for a few seconds
    - K kills all enemies on the screen (except bosses)
    - Black bombs gives you 10 black bombs
    - Red bombs gives you 20 red bombs and turn the bomb stock into red (they don't go further, I assume they inflict more damages)
    - L I still have no idea

  18. Man... You are good at these things!

    I just cleared it with 5. :( I got to the "tractor" on the 3rd credit. Wasn't very pleased with the ending, it's pretty anti-climactic.... No boss, you just climb onto the helicopter? Lol.

    Also I've seen my weapons upgrade without picking anything up. What's up with that?

  19. OK I think I figured the energy system in Caliber 50. It's actually nothing to do with the letters, but with picking up the bullet shells that the enemies drop when they die. Try it out, the closer you are to enemies when they die, the more of the shells you can pick up and the faster you can upgrade your weapon.

    I beat the tractor on my 3rd credit. Got near the end on the 4th.

    Man this game is hard.

    I wonder if there is a real boss at the end if you clear it in 1 credit?

  20. Also the crates drop the shells... So it pays to be right next to a crate when you shoot it. Knowing this, it is possible to upgrade to the flamethrower within about 30 seconds of playing the game. After that point, the regular enemies stop dropping the shells, but the tanks and machines still drop the shells. So you can use them to upgrade to full energy.

    So this brings us to a new understanding of the game..... There are basically 2 ways to play...

    1) You can be Rambo and try to get all the shells , keeping your energy up even though you are actually getting hit more

    2) You can be conservative and try to fight enemies from a distance and save your energy that way.

    Also my strategy for the baboons is to just get as far away as possible from them, to where they are almost off the screen, to hopefully where my weapon will hit them but their projectiles will not hit me. :)

  21. I did it! I cleared Caliber 50 in 3 credits!!! I didn't even think I was gonna make it, I got really far on my first credit, lost a ton of lives quickly on my second credit, but then I picked it back up for the end.

    I definitely played "rambo" style. Seems like the most logical way to go, understanding the energy system now. :)

  22. Wow, congratulation man!!! :)

    The bullet shells, that was it!!!!! Have you figured what the L is doing?

    I haven't played this I last let a message here, now it's time to see how far I'll go with that extra piece of information!

  23. Hey. No idea what the L is doing. Or the A now that we know it doesn't give energy.

    I think you'll do just fine knowing about the shells. :) I might try to see if I can 2cc it now. :)

  24. Well, I couldn't 3cc it, still. Hmm, A doesn't give energy, I really thought it would.

    Look at how that guy plays, it manages to beat the truck without dying!!!

  25. I've just 2cced it!!! There was a bit skill (like I lost only 1 live with the truck) and bit of luck, as towards the end I got a lot of S. I might try to 1cc it eventually, or maybe I'll start playing Saboten Bomber.

  26. Dude !!!! You are so better at games than I am :)

  27. I felt the same way when I heard you'd 3cced and I couldn't after 12 attempts, I thought "he's just better" :)

  28. I think I'm done for that round. I didn't play more Caliber 50. I played a hell of a lot of Saboten bombers but couldn't pass stage 20.

    For the next few days I'm gonna have to allocate my spare time to finish my entry for the sdcompo and after that I'm going on vacation for a week, so basically after May 10 I'm ready to start a new round.

    I'll still try to write my overdue blog on Amiga, Atari ST and C64 games ;-)

  29. I can't believe this round is almost over :) i'm gonna still put in a few more attempts to see if I can beat you or at least match you :)

    Let me know what your choices are for next round and I'll pick one of them. You have plenty to choose from of mine, between the last few blog posts I've made :)