Monday, April 6, 2015

Hurrican - Post Mortem & Results


organic io - Got to near the end of level 2 (in one run with no reloads)
A-Lin - did not get the game to work.

Some observations about this game: 

IT IS RIDICULOUSLY HARD!  It is interesting to note the difference between this and Probotector. They are both tough as nails, but you can see the differences between Japanese and European game design here. Probotector/Japanese design requires precision and little room for error.   Whereas Hurrican/European design makes it almost impossible to avoid being hit, therefore you get hit all the time and the only way to make up for it is to collect powerups and extra lives.

Tonight for the first time I found a secret area on level 1 which has 2 extra lives at it.

Level 2 might as well be called "drop stuff on your head land", because that junk STILL kills me and it's why I didn't get any further.

I'm sure I could get further with some more attempts, but without any competition it's just not as fun... Therefore I am retiring Hurrican.

Here's some screenshots I took!  Using the utility "Greenshot" , mapped the screenshot key to my controller so I can easily take shots while I am playing.


Good stuff!!! 

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