Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Vertical Arcade games to possibly play

OK, I promise this is my last video and list of games for a while, because we have PLENTY of stuff to choose from now. Also sorry about the volume levels on the video, my voice isn't quite loud enough compared to some of the games.

Video link: 

Alternate link (youtube) in case the first one doesn't work (it might have problems playing???)

Games in the video:

1 -Outzone

2 -  Ketsui

3 -  Front Line

 4 - Varth

5 - Dragon Blaze

 6 - Bagman

07 - Gundhara

08 - Battle Bakraid


  1. For some reason, it seems the video won't play past about 1:30 straight off Google drive. It also crashes windows media player???

    But it does play in VLC. I don't know what's wrong with it. let me know if you have trouble playing it and I'll try to fix it.

  2. I could play it fine from google (with firefox).

    Nice selection, I already knew a bit Outzone, Ketsui, Battle Bakraid and actually... Bagman!!! For some reason I'm liking this game as well, I didn't really play it very much but want to.

  3. I was having a little tendonitis with my left thumb, I guess too much d-pad playing. So I switched over to keyboard for a little while for some shmups. numpad for movement (8, 6, 2, 4, ) and buttons DWAS for buttons 1234, had a lot of fun. I used to play shmups like this primarily at one point.

    Anyway I played some Bakraid, and got to level 6 on 3 credits on my first try, on "normal" mode. It was pretty easy, so I vote if we play this we either need to play hard mode, or limit to only 1 or 2 credits :)

  4. Was playing a little bit of Outzone the last 2 nights. I just got to level 3! Awesome game!!!

  5. I tried Out Zone as well, yeah really good game, got to level 4!

  6. Haha, there you go, usually one step ahead of me. Except for in platform games :)

  7. Oh, that was probably a fluke. But yeah, I'm on fire! ;-) Do want to go serious about it and make a micro Out Zone round?

    BTW, I find the music awesome (better than R-Type LEO, which isn't too bad, but not nearly as good). And the graphics have an Amiga feeling, very colorful. Gorgeous game overall.