Monday, April 27, 2015

Genesis / Megadrive top games

Well, here are some of the top Genesis games I have discovered so far. I've got quite a few in my list, but these stand out as the best and ones that I would definitely be up for playing in an upcoming round.

Jim Power - Insanely difficult. But this one gives me less motion sickness than the SNES version

 Kid Chameleon - You know it  :)   Classic in every way. Probably my #1 Genesis game of all time

 Legend of Galahad - I only discovered this recently and haven't gotten too deep into it yet, but it seems to have a lot of potential. The levels have multiple objectives, with a fantasy/medieval theme. 

 Mcdonalds Treasure Land Adventure - What? Yeah, it's actually a pretty good game. Developed by Treasure, the game guys as Alien Soldier and Ikaruga   :) 

 Midnight Resistance - Pretty good port of the arcade. Instead of rotational controls, you just hold the button to lock the firing angle. I like this pretty well!

 Risky Woods - Tough as nails platformer

 Rocket Knight Adventures - Really sweet and varied platformer

Tin Head - It's been a while since I played this one but I remember it being good. there was also a canceled SNES and Amiga port.

  Mega Turrican - Seems less exploration based than the originals, which I don't mind. Also has a REALLY sweet song on one of the levels.

Well, that's it for some Genesis love....     A-Lin, I would love to see some of your pics for any system

-organic io


  1. Cool! We *have* to make a Mega Turrican round. There is also Super Turrican for SNES with looks different. In the list I'm making I was actually gonna include Jim Power for Amiga. ;-)

  2. Ah, going through my list of Atari ST games I actually found Leander, a port of Legend of Galahad. The genesis looks better of course.

  3. Mega Turrican round, definitely :)

    Leander/Galahad - According to Wikipedia, the Amiga version existed first, and then it was later ported to Atari ST and Genesis.

    It's cool, I come from more of a console gaming background (with the exception of IBM PC), and you come from more of a computer gaming background. I've always wanted to dive into those old computers, Atari ST for example, but I never have yet. I did look through all Amiga CD32 games at one point, but that's kinda a hybrid between console and PC :)

    Oh that reminds me, a year ago I looked through all platformers for regular Amiga, but I only emailed myself the results and forgot to make a spreadsheet! Need to do that and put it on my google drive :)

  4. Speaking of Amiga CD32... I'm up early this morning (couldn't sleep), so maybe I'll try out FS-UAE and a couple CD32 games. Wow that controller looks strange.

  5. Here's the song from Mega Turrican that I love so much. Stage 1-2