Thursday, August 25, 2016


Due to various factors, it appears that the Quake and Bodypad rounds are just not going to work out at the present time.

I think we started Quake in March, and I still haven't played it hardly at all.

Also I don't currently have access to the bodypads nor do I know when I will (unfortunately).

Therefore I am retiring those rounds for the time being, but when life circumstances become more stable, we can always revive those rounds as necessary and even copy/paste the original posts.

For the time being, no game is active, however I think some Wardner is in order starting around September 1st    :)


That image is from the Genesis version, but there is also an Arcade version. Either is fine with me.

I'll update the site in about a week with the start of the long overdue Wardner   :)