Thursday, August 25, 2016


Due to various factors, it appears that the Quake and Bodypad rounds are just not going to work out at the present time.

I think we started Quake in March, and I still haven't played it hardly at all.

Also I don't currently have access to the bodypads nor do I know when I will (unfortunately).

Therefore I am retiring those rounds for the time being, but when life circumstances become more stable, we can always revive those rounds as necessary and even copy/paste the original posts.

For the time being, no game is active, however I think some Wardner is in order starting around September 1st    :)


That image is from the Genesis version, but there is also an Arcade version. Either is fine with me.

I'll update the site in about a week with the start of the long overdue Wardner   :)


  1. The logo of our site is so cool!!!! :-D

  2. Woohoo! Excellent, so I'll start playing the arcade version sometime next week. BTW, be careful about non-arcade versions I remember one of them has a bug in the control.

    Regarding Quake, I highly suggest that we eventually get back to it, the anaglyph part is really trippy, but you need a big screen to enjoy it, ideally have do blind corners, that makes a huge difference in terms of immersion. So once you have at your disposal a big HD screen and you can play close to it and set the right FOV, trust me you're not gonna regret it! As for me I'll finish the second episode that I started a few months ago, and I'll resume the other episodes once you're ready to start the warm-up first one.

  3. I think I might be ready to start up a new round soon! I think you already played some Wardner so you got me there...

    Anaglyph Quake seems a bit much for me at the moment, but I'm thinking a short MAME game. Outzone was pulled up at the spur of the moment and ended up being one of the most enjoyable rounds for me.

    I'll probably randomly start a new round within the next day or two, I'm pretty sure it will be a game you'll be agreeable with :-D

    1. Woohoo! BTW, I've been playing Batsugun. It's a pretty solid shmup. If you're up too so am I (I've played only 5 rounds so I don't think I have too much of an edge). Happy to play any of your suggestion though, I'm sooooooooo craving that I think I'll go along with anything you suggest. ;-)

  4. Batsugun had actually crossed my mind! I was going to pick Dangun Feveron, but I think Batsugun sounds perfect as well. I don't think I've ever played it before, and since it's considered the first "bullet hell" game I think it would be quite fitting. Plus, playing a vertical orientation game will give me motivation to rig up some kind of crazy desk to rotate my external monitor on :-D

    Tonight I'm going to try to write a review of my arcade stick that I got back in September but have hardly used. Then I'll get the round going after that :-D