Thursday, March 19, 2015

How's this working out?

How do you think this is working out with the 1 month format. I think it's pretty good because it gives us plenty of time to play the games with no pressure.

Also, let's start thinking of a game or two for the next round. I was thinking maybe one of those multidirectional shooters for arcade, that uses the analog dial to turn your aim. I usually just map the L and R buttons to the aiming.

Games I was thinking:

Caliber 50


Heavy Barrel

And then you pick one game as well ? What do you think?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Controller appreciation

Just wanted to give a little love to my controller...   The wonderful Hori Anashin 2

 Mine is slightly different, it is blue and doesn't have the audio jack on the bottom. But this was the highest resolution stock image I could find of one. The pad is a perfect fit in my hands, with great placement of the L and R buttons, but most importantly the D-Pad is the best I've ever used. Plus the buttons have a really nice feel.

Wonderful controller.   :)     A-Lin I forget what stick you use? Mention it in the comments and I'll update this post with a pic of it if you want  :)

Edit: A-Lin's controller is the Speedlink Xeox gamepad:

Looks pretty nice! Ximilar to an Xbox 360 controller looks like.

-organic io

P.S... a little back story of how I came across this particular controller below, from a post I made on the shmups forums in 2008. I don't go to that forum anymore though

Monday, March 2, 2015

Round 3 - Additional game - Probotector (Genesis) w/ 3 hit restoration hack

OK, We decided to add a second game... 

organic io's choice was:   Probotector for Genesis/Megadrive.

He chose this over the US and Japan region "Contra Hard Corps" because the EU version has Robot characters.

We also patched the game with the "hit point restoration hack", due to the fact that the original Japanese version had 3 hit points, and for some reason they reduced it to 1 hit kills for American and European audiences. WTF? Usually the Japanese versions are more difficult!

Let's go!!!