Thursday, March 19, 2015

How's this working out?

How do you think this is working out with the 1 month format. I think it's pretty good because it gives us plenty of time to play the games with no pressure.

Also, let's start thinking of a game or two for the next round. I was thinking maybe one of those multidirectional shooters for arcade, that uses the analog dial to turn your aim. I usually just map the L and R buttons to the aiming.

Games I was thinking:

Caliber 50


Heavy Barrel

And then you pick one game as well ? What do you think?


  1. With a bit of tuning I managed to get Caliber 50 quite playable with my Xeox. I'm using the triggers for gunfire and bomb, the left stick for waking and the right stick for rotating. The cool thing is that I can control the rotating speed by how further I push the right stick. It works really well!

    However Heavy Barrel behaves weirdly w.r.t. to rotation, I couldn't get it to work properly.

    Anyway, Caliber 50 looks also better, and it feels the gameplay is better too (though it's hard to say when you can't control correctly!).

    So, I'm happy with the suggestion!

    I'll try to come up with another game. The first one that comes to my mind, in the same category, is Mercs. I've never played it much, but wanted. Or I can come up with something totally different.

  2. While trying those games I randomly stumbled on Saboten Bombers, I didn't know about it

    That really a random suggestion, let me try to go through my 200+ list of retro titles + some random search. ;-)

  3. Hey, if we stick with the multidirectional shooter theme, I may suggest

    Midnight Resistant

    if you're OK... I'll look for more too...

  4. I found some great resource

  5. I've looked at all the arcade ones in this list, I've narrowed that down to a few titles that I'll test more throughly over the week-end.

  6. Caliber 50 it is! The control scheme you described sounds awesome. I just have to map a button for turn left and turn right.

    I was thinking that you would pick games that are NOT multidirectional shooters, that way it would giver us more variety.

    I also think this idea is neat: I choose 2 games, and you pick one of my games, and you choose 2 games and I pick one of yours. What do you think?

    I do like Midnight resistance though, perhaps for a future round. Though I prefer the Genesis version for OCD reasons.

    That shmups list is insanely huge! You looked through all of them !!?

    Just pick out your top 2 game recommendations and I'll choose one of them.

    Also that Saboten Bombers looks pretty OK. I've never heard of it either. Looks like a pretty decent single screen platformer.

    Don't spend too much time poring over games! I'm sure whatever picks you come up with will be fine.

  7. I actually like poring over games, I find it very relaxing :-)

    I like the choose-two-pick-one idea, I'll get back after a couple of days.

  8. OK, my 2 games are

    Saboten Bombers


    Ikari Warriors

    both on MAME (feel to contest if you like neither, I have plenty of suggestions ;-)

  9. I chose Saboten Bombers :)

    Also, I like this extended length format for the club, that way there is no pressure to get the game playing done by a certain time.

    I say we keep it like this and just advance the rounds as we see fit, when we lose interest in specific games.

    I'm almost tired of Probotector, I just want to make a couple more runs for the end, and I'm still going to make a couple more attempts at Hurrican as well. :) We're near the end of March but I see no reason to set an artificial goal of ending March 31, if we still haven't finished by that time we just carry it till we're done.

    What do you think?