Monday, May 11, 2015

Round 5 - May/June 2015 - Game 2 - Fire and Brimstone (Amiga)

Game 2 for this month's wonderful pixel art round is called "Fire and Brimstone" for Amiga.

I didn't even realize Atari ST games could look this good [organic io]
(edit: originally we chose the Atari ST version but eventually changed it to Amiga for compatibility/joystick mapping reasons)

According to A-Lin:

Very challenging and addictive (and gorgeous for the time). Each screen represents a challenge requiring both control and problem solving skills.

Looks awesome! Let's go go go!


  1. It took me a little while to get the emulation set up on this with the pasti.dll and everything. I got it working in "SainT" emulator, however still having some trouble getting my keys setup. I hate games where the jump button is just up on the keyboard/joystick. So I was trying to use the keyboard configuration to remap my gamepad to it, but now whenever I press the fire key (control?) it also changes your weapon at the same time.


    Anyway I can't even get past the first screen, how the heck do you get past that goblin guy?

    I can forsee this game is going to be ridiculous hard :)

  2. To pass the goblin guy do nothing.

    With Steem SSE I managed to map fire and jump on my Joystick, but I couldn't map weapon change, for that I guess I'd need a remapping software to remap some Joystick button to the keyboard.

    With Hatari my Joystick automatically map the second button to weapon change, I don't even understand how. But I can't map jumping to something else than UP.

  3. Note that if you get an Amiga Emulator that can solve your Joystick button problem, the Amiga version is identical to the Atari ST version.

    I tried SainT but the fullscreen mode doesn't work in Linux/Wine.

  4. You know what? Let's play the Amiga version, there is this crazy good emulator called WinUAE, I'm able to map any button or direction to anything. I managed to have Fire on B1, Jump on B2 and Weapon Change on B3.

    The music and the FX are also better than the Atari ST.

    I managed to progress a bit in the game, like 8 screens I think.

  5. OK I updated the post to show Amiga. I'll get UAE and try it out :)

  6. Actually I found fs-UAE is even better, you need to edit a config file and then launch sf-UAE with that config file in argument. Here's a configuration that works well for Fire and Brimstone

    # Game path
    floppy_drive_0 =

    # Kickstart ROM path
    kickstart_file =

    # Joystick mapping
    joystick_0_axis_0_neg = action_joy_1_left
    joystick_0_axis_0_pos = action_joy_1_right
    joystick_0_axis_1_neg = action_joy_1_up
    joystick_0_axis_1_pos = action_joy_1_down
    joystick_0_button_0 = action_joy_1_fire_button
    joystick_0_button_1 = action_joy_1_up
    joystick_0_button_2 = action_key_space

    # Display
    fullscreen = 1
    keep_aspect = 1

  7. Oh, of course you use the D-pad, see

    for finding your adequate mapping.

  8. I'll have to check that out. i still haven't really played this game yet due to not enough time, and haven't played Flink in a week. I think this round should go well into June

    In other news, I am still going to tinker around with Probotector on my PSP during lunchbreaks and see if I can 1cc the endings :)

  9. I haven't played for over a week as well. I've been spending all my spare time for the sdcompo rendering project as I know you're working on it too. ;)

    Yeah, Probotector is so cool!

  10. I'm resuming playing FNB, actually you need to set up a mapping for triggering the left or right potion, see for more details.

  11. I managed to pass the first stage. After dying the game restart at the last stage you were, so it shouldn't be as crazy hard as we might have thought.

  12. Good job man :) I need to get this set up soon

  13. I got to stage 3, it's really getting hard now, I couldn't get to the boss. I actually remember it's at that point the game becomes madly hard, I remember cursing a lot from here on. But I can't remember how far I went into the game, it was over 20 years ago, and all the cursing might have had impaired my memory :)

  14. We are so behind this round. But I'm OK with that. Let's just let it continue indefinitely. I'll try to get the emulator working for this soon and give it some tries...

  15. I'm glad you're still up for the round! I probably still need a few more days to recover from recent difficult events, and then I'll be back as well!

  16. 2 months and I've still barely played this game. I'm OK with that though. let's just keep playing as we see fit and end the round in August sometime perhaps? More like a quarterly round this time...

  17. I also haven't played it much, not cause I don't want to (I really like this game), but I've been too busy. I'm actually hoping to start really playing it after a week. So I don't mind to end that round sometime in August (even the end of August).

    I didn't play much Flink, those 2 games require depth and I just couldn't allocate that level of depth in 2 games at the same time, so I thought I'll play Flink when I'm really fed up with F&B, but that hasn't happed yet (actually it's getting really exciting for me cause I think I've gone further than I've ever been, the end of stage 3, the boss is crazy hard).

  18. I've passed the boss of stage 3! Stage 4 doesn't ring a bell which means I've indeed got further than I've ever was. Really tough game, although once you know the tricks to pass the stages, those become a lot easier.

  19. OK I have put this off TOO long! I am going to try to play and figure out this game TONIGHT!

  20. This doesn't make any sense...

    FSUAE just crashes
    WinUAE thinks it is so "smart" that it keeps auto-detecting my joystick and remapping it to whatever the hell it thinks I 'should' be using, instead of just letting me use the keyboard layout and use joy2key with it

    Winfellow is being a piece of crap right now.

    Really frustrating :(

  21. OK I think I managed to remap my inputs in winuae, the biggest pain the ass the world has ever seen!

  22. OK I can't figure this game out. Tried it for a good 20 or 30 minutes. (or 10 that seemed like 30, lol?) First off, it seems really primitive compared to something like SMB1 which came out 5 years earlier. Second, I get to the 5th or 6th screen and I can't figure out what to do. There is a fire, and a pit on the other side. When you jump over the fire, you fall in the pit and die. How do you get past this?

  23. I'm about ready to retire this too. I just found the game frustrating.

    I watched the beginning of a longplay to see how they got past that screen. But I can't figure out how to cast the spell to make the platform appear?

    I think I'll read a walkthrough for that part, give the game one more good try and then I'll be done with it :)

    I suggest for our next round we just have one game to play :)

  24. Too bad fs-uae crashes for you, it's such a neat piece of software!

    Sorry, I forgot to add the config keys for spelling the casts in my fs-uae config file snippet:

    joystick_0_button_3 = action_key_cursor_up
    joystick_0_button_4 = action_key_np_0

    I wasn't aware of those at the time I posted it. So UP and 0 from the numerical pad.

    I'm not surprised you find the game frustrating. I find it really addictive but I have enough nostalgic energy to overcome its various frustrations. If you ever get into it, I'm sure you'll find it addictive as well!

    I also hope you can get passed the frustrations of running Amiga games. There are so many good titles!

    For games that deep, yeah, one is enough! :)