Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saboten Bombers - Post Mortem and Screenshots

Final scores:

organic io - Level 21
A-Lin - Level 20


This is a game all about teaching children to eat their fruits and vegetables. Lol. Not really, but it might as well be , there are so many fruits and vegetables.

So, this is a colorful single screen platformer which is absolutely chaotic. Everybody can throw projectiles. You can get hurt by everybody's projectiles including your own. When a projectile is thrown, enemies and/or yourself can get "rolled up" into it. You have about 2 seconds to jump out of the ball before the whole thing explodes and you die. The key here is anticipating where and when the projectiles will explode and staying away from those areas. And also not trying to shoot certain enemies at point blank range, because you will die from the explosion.

Some enemies take more than one hit before they get rolled up, for example the brown onion looking guys.

There is a boss every 10 levels. The most important pickup is the pieces of cake, which give you an extra life after picking up 8 of them.

I liked this game OK, but it was a bit too frustrating to want to play it for very long...

Here's some screenshots:

 The first boss happens to be an angry boss bee   :)

WTF at some of the backgrounds? But don't let the kittens fool you, this is no easy game. 

Anyway.   :)     

Let's see what we're going to play next!

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  1. Lol I edited the wikipedia entry for Saboten Bombers... It was terrible!

    My edit is the blue one on the right. Still not great, but much better!