Friday, April 3, 2015

Probotector - Post Mortem

Final Scores:

A-Lin - 1cc'ed all endings !!!!!!!!   Nice job!
organic io - 2cc'ed the D ending. Still working on it slowly
05/30/15 update - organic io 2cc'ed the A ending. Man this game is hard, I have no idea how you 1cc'ed all the endings so quickly   :) 

Here's the map of how to get to each ending. I consider D the "real" ending

Now for screenshot mania! I took these in the Fusion emulator. Still tons of sections of the game I didn't take shots of, but this is quite enough already I think   :)


  1. Wait, I can't recall this last screen shot, I guess that's the bad ending, or else maybe I never 1CC D! What I recall is being on the top of a rocket.

    Anyway, I'm ready to start the next round! :)

  2. Lol, yeah that is in the special stage ending. The D ending is indeed on top of a rocket.

    Next round already! Sweet! I'll get the post up a little later this evening.