Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Controller appreciation

Just wanted to give a little love to my controller...   The wonderful Hori Anashin 2

 Mine is slightly different, it is blue and doesn't have the audio jack on the bottom. But this was the highest resolution stock image I could find of one. The pad is a perfect fit in my hands, with great placement of the L and R buttons, but most importantly the D-Pad is the best I've ever used. Plus the buttons have a really nice feel.

Wonderful controller.   :)     A-Lin I forget what stick you use? Mention it in the comments and I'll update this post with a pic of it if you want  :)

Edit: A-Lin's controller is the Speedlink Xeox gamepad:

Looks pretty nice! Ximilar to an Xbox 360 controller looks like.

-organic io

P.S... a little back story of how I came across this particular controller below, from a post I made on the shmups forums in 2008. I don't go to that forum anymore though


  1. I'm using the
    which is the best game pad controller I've had so far (I must I've always owned only the crappiest game pads on the market, so that one makes a really big difference). Unfortunately Wine Fusion behaves really weird with it so I'm using the keyboard for that round.

    I also have the crappiest arcade stick on the market, can't find the picture (this thing doesn't even have a name). I didn't try with Wine Fusion (I might this evening).

  2. Got the images working! And I updated the post with your Xeox controller.

    I wonder: Do you use the d-pad or the analog stick for movement?

    Also, why not use a program to map the gamepad input to keystrokes? I use Xpadder in Windows, but there are similar programs for Linux:

    I used Qjoypad when I was on Linux, it worked pretty well and had support for multiple controllers.

    Hope you can get it figured out, I could never play these games on keyboard, it would mess me up too much :)

  3. Hey, actually I managed to use my controllers (playing with the crappy arcade stick right now), just cause it didn't work exactly right the first time I assumed there was something wrong with Wine.

  4. Yesterday night I tried with the Xeox but I prefer the arcade stick, I just took a picture of it, but I couldn't insert it in the post

    when I mean it's crappy, I do, for instance B1 works half of the time, it was that way when I bought it. Thinking of which, that's probably why it was so cheap ;-) But I never map anything to it and it's fine.

  5. Regarding D-pad vs analog stick, I usually I prefer the analog stick. Which at times brings troubles because the return of the stick can trigger a move in the opposite direction. The analog stick of the Xeox is quite though and I don't think that kind of things happen.

  6. Really? that's interesting about the analog stick. By far I prefer the D-Pad. I even use it for Gran Turismo :) I've taken out the analog sticks in a Dualshock controller before, because they were getting in the way :) But I grew up on NES, so I guess it's what you're used to.

  7. Nice grainy picture of your stick :) I was inspired and tried to take a similarly low quality image

    I LOL'ed when I saw it, I did not intend for the analogs to look like "eyes", but I thought it was so funny.

    I wanted to get a better shot of my beard because it is about the same length as yours, but the eyes were too funny to discard.

    I used to grow my beard out a bit, but now that I work in a patient setting I keep it trimmed about once a month :)

  8. Ahah, awesome pic! :-D

    I shave my bread once every 2 months, that's as much as my wife can tolerate. ;-)

  9. Random thing, I ordered this controller on amazon and it came in the mail today:

    Not sure why the heck I got it, the lure of those classic "Super Famicom" button colors I guess, and also the fact that it got rave reviews. Hopefully I'll have a chance to test it out a little bit after work tonight :)

    Interesting bit, those classic super famicom colors make me nostalgic, even though the US SNES had those ugly purple buttons. Maybe it is because it is similar to the original Gravis Gamepad :)

  10. I had a chance to test out the Buffalo controller a bit tonight.

    I played: Moneyseize (flash game), N (flash game), and Gunforce (arcade)

    It's definitely a well built and solid controller. The buttons have a nice feel to them, and the D-pad is excellent.

    However, it's still not as good as the Hori Anashin, plus the L and R buttons still feel awkward to reach on the original SNES controller design.

    Therefore, this will not become my primary controller, but I wouldn't mind using it every once in a while , and also for the second player in 2 player games. :)