Saturday, March 5, 2016

Retro Lookback - Shadowgate (NES)

As I sit here, sick, getting over food poisoning or a stomach bug... I haven't eaten in 24 hours and I'm starting to finally take down some water and animal crackers.

I thought I'd do a retro lookback of one of my favorite NES games, Shadowgate. (I don't think my stomach can quite handle Quake right now)

It's a point and click adventure where you have to figure out how to get through a castle. Really cool and classic game. Other similar games for NES were The Uninvited, and Deja Vu... But Shadowgate was my favorite.

It features some really sweet and mysterious music. For example the main theme:

Screenshots time!!!

 Entrance to the castle...

 Make sure to take as many torches from the walls as you can, you will need them!

 Get used to this screen, because you will be seeing it a lot! Fortunately the game lets you continue.

 Dead, again.....

Well, I didn't last very long tonight before I gave up, I've gotten a lot further but I just couldn't remember all the secrets. It's very much a game of trying different solutions to different problems. Back when I was a kid, I would learn how to get further by watching my friends play. These days I guess you could consult a walkthrough, though that might make it too easy. 

Overall, a satisfying classic, but maybe it should remain in classic land... Sometimes the puzzles can be frustratingly difficult, and I just don't have the patience anymore   :) 

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