Thursday, May 12, 2016

GPD XD Showcase

I made a video showcasing this device and some of the excellent android games and emulators.

Sorry for the kinda grainy video quality, I don't have a device with a very nice camera.

Soon I'll get the bodypad set up and report back on how that is   :)    And of course I still need to play some Quake!!!


  1. Just pinging this post in case it didn't show up in email notifications

  2. Well, I got a different camera in hopes it would do better. I recorded a new video with all different games...

    But I don't think the video is any better, still blurry, and the audio on this thing was abysmal :(

    Oh well, next step is to get a better camera!

  3. I've been busy modifying the D-Pad on this thing. I think I've struck perfection! More details and a teardown guide here: