Thursday, January 26, 2017

Round 9 - Batsugun!


For round 9, we will play Batsugun!

A 1993 shmup from Toaplan

It was one of their last games before they went defunct, and is widely regarded as the first ever "manic" or bullet hell game.

Therefore it has an interesting place in gaming history, positioned between oldschool and newschool shmups. It's about time we played it for the RGC. One wonders what went through the minds of the first ever players of Batsugun when they saw so many bullets for the first time   :-D

 Goal will be the usual: See how far you can get on 3 credits. 

No time frame on this one, we'll just play it casually until we get tired of it. 

GO GO GO GO GO !!!!!


  1. Weird I need 5 credits to play like 3.

  2. Man, I managed to beat the boss of stage 4! I bombed the hell out of it because I had over a credit left. Then died shortly after on stage 5.

    What is progress so far? Which is your favorite ship?

    I'm mainly playing with the girl's. It's slightly harder at first but then it pays off after reaching weapon level 3.

  3. Hey, besides Batsugun, I've been playing Gemini Wing. This game is old school as fuck, but actually not bad at all.

  4. After over a year, I'm resuming playing Batsugun!!! I've decided to bite the bullet this time and so I'm learning to go as far as possible without using bombs, and I'm making progress! I managed to reach stage 4. I'll see how far I can go without bombs, and when I'll start to plateau, I'll introduce the bombs back.

    The boss of stage 2 is nearly impossible to beat without dying without using bombs...

  5. Heck yeah! I managed to fire it up tonight for a couple of rounds. I was using bombs, but I got near the end of stage 4.

    I also played some ESP Galuda and DDP Dai Ou Jou, two games that have somewhat recently become compatible with MAME. It used to be the only way to play them at home was through the PS2 ports. (Actually the reason I bought a PS2 ten years ago was so I could play those games and a few other shmups).

    I'll keep trying at Batsugun. I'm glad we've gotten the club going again!

  6. In spite of my bomb-free training sessions I really didn't manage to beat my previous score. I think I went up to half pf stage 5 (which is the last one).

  7. I played it just now and got to middle of stage 4 on one credit... 1,110,860 points.

  8. 1,353,060 points on one credit, stage 4. :-)

  9. I can survive until half of stage 5 with 3 credits and beat the game with 5 credits. I can imagine reaching the final boss with 3 credits, but hardly think I can beat it, it's tough.

    If you beat my score, I might try to beat it, otherwise I think I might be done with that round.