Thursday, February 25, 2016

A few games I'd like to play for the RGC

Here's just a couple games I wouldn't mind playing for upcoming rounds...

Mega Man 2 (NES)
I played Mega Man 3 extensively as a kid, but never really played part 2. I just loaded it up a few days ago and really enjoyed it. In part 3, each boss was difficult to kill unless you had a certain weapon that you acquired from an existing boss. I'm not sure how much this plays into part 2, the 2 bosses I killed the other day were pretty easy with the default weapon. But still should be a good challenge!


Dino Riki (NES)

This game is awesome. I spent many hours playing it as a kid. It's basically a shmup with a caveman theme. It's really difficult, but can be 1cc'ed with practice.


Pilotwings (SNES)
A really cool lite Flight Sim. There's lots of variety in the challenges: Hang gliding, jetpacks, skydiving, plane, helicopter. All really fun and challenging. I've never beaten it before, though I've gotten close.


Rico - A Tale of Two Brothers
This is my favorite game for Android. But it also exists on Windows, Linux, and Mac thru Desura for only $3.49. Just a fantastic linear platformer with beautiful pixel art. Very very challenging, and very rewarding. I'd actually love to play this one week in July when I am at summer camp, it will give me something to do. Hoping to get a new android gaming device by then, as I just can't keep a functioning xperia play (keeps breaking)


  1. Mega Man, I don't know about the others but I'm so for having a Mega Man round. I've never played it and always wanted to. So yeah, whichever version you which to play is mine.

  2. Apparently the reason I found Mega Man 2 so easy the other day is because the US version defaults to the "normal" difficulty, which is actually a dumbed down version. "Difficult" on US is the same as the original Japanese version.

    I also found out there is "The Wily Wars" for Genesis/Megadrive which is a remake of Megaman 1-3 with enhanced 16 bit graphics. Also Mega Man 2 on there defaults to the more difficult mode. I think this might be the preferred way to play :)

  3. Also I propose that we do not look up the optimal order to finish the stages in, and instead figure it out for ourselves. I plan on keeping an excel spreadsheet. "Wood weapon is effective against X boss", etc

    Whether we share our findings or not is up to you? :)

  4. I know we're doing Quake next, but just to get our juices going for Mega Man 2, I tried out "Mega Man: The Wily Wars" for Genesis. Apparently it only had a Japanese and EU release for some reason. So I went with the Japanese version since it's NTSC (60fps). Here's a little clip of me trying to play the Wood Man level from Rockman 2:

    Really lovely 16 bit graphics with the backgrounds. Game is really hard. I can't even handle it :)

    The input seemed to have some latency at first, but then I disabled vsync and put the emulator in high priority mode and all was well :)

    Also I've decided if we play this, we should share our findings with each other about which weapons are effective. That way we work as a team and it reduces the frustrating "discovery" period and we can focus more on the gameplay itself :)

  5. OK for the team discovery mode. That version looks nice to me.

    I've seen somewhere that the NES sequel, the one you initially suggested, is the best Mega Man (of the NES versions I guess), so perhaps it's worth trying it out as well before deciding. But I'm fine either way.

  6. I've heard lots of people say 2 is the best Mega Man as well, which is why I chose it..

    However practically the only difference between the NES and Genesis version is the graphics. The gameplay is exactly the same.