Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Logo :-D

So, the site has a new logo.... Let's take a look...

Hey, why is your gun bigger than mine!?! Haha, I used a really small glue gun. Also I didn't think about how busy the background behind me would be. But in the green I kinda like it.

The colors are an obscure homage to the IBM PC CGA color palette 0. The much more common CGA palette was palette 1 with the cyan, magenta, black and white, like this:

But, there were some games that used the yellow, red, green and black palette.

Inspiration from stuff like this:

Obscure, I know. 

That's why we are the Retro game club, not the Call of Duty 15 gameclub    :-D

Let me know what you think. Modifications can be made if necessary  :)


  1. That's cool! I wonder how it would look with the more aggressive palette 1. Maybe I'll try a few palettes (like I'm curious how it would render if I actually map an actual CPC or NES palette, when I'll have time anyway).

    Yeah, this thermal past gun has a capacity for a life time!

  2. I'd be interested to see what you come up with. I'll send you the source files I worked with and you can go from there!

    Crazy thing, I had to make the resolution of my image match the resolution of yours. I eyeballed it (guessed) and got it to the exact pixel without having to do any precise adjustments. Crazy :)

  3. Well, here's another attempt...


    See what you think. I tried the "more aggressive" as you said CGA palette. I also tried to reduce the detail in our faces with several filters.

    It's hard to reduce the detail while still making us recognizable as people though :)

    Still interested to see what you come up with.

  4. I like it one more, it's more old school. :-) I might try something from here, when I get a chance (probably after a few days).

  5. OK, I put it up as the logo for now until I get something better from you :)

  6. Here's my attempt


    I've added retro game shots so it's very clear what this is all about, and a third unknown person to convey the idea that others can join.

    Here's the Gimp file in case you want to hack it


  7. How confusing, here's the png file


  8. Very nice! I love it.

    It's official, I made it the new logo.

    But I have one question, what game is in the bottom right with the orange columns? I don't recognize that one.

    OOHHH I see what you did, you put games from my upbringing on my side, and from yours on your side. With both versions of Contra/Gryzor, very cool.

    Is that Ketsui in the lower left past Super Ghouls & Ghosts? And what shmup looking games are cut off on the far right of your side?

    Very very cool!!!