Saturday, February 20, 2016

R-Type Leo - Post Mortem and screenshots

Wow wow wow!!!

This round got off to a slow start, but a very intense finish.

R-Type leo is a challenging horizontal shmup with a simplistic game mechanic. Button 1 fires a normal shot, and button 2 sends out what we at RGC lovingly refer to as the "evil balls of death"  :)   The balls of death go out and destroy everything on the screen and are especially useful for bosses, but they must be recharged between uses.
There are no screen clearing bombs, which adds to the challenge.

The best part of this game is the bosses. They are difficult and have lots of variety to them. Levels 5 and beyond really push the limits of how many bullets it is reasonable to throw at you when your hitbox is as big as the ship like this.

Now it's screenshot time!

Level 1 - It starts off slow and easy...
 Level 1 boss. Its arms come out and attack you, and it shoots a fairly large laser from the middle
 Level 2 - Desert... The pace starts to pick up a little bit
 Level 2 boss - very cool and challenging with these large spinning walls of blue bullets
 Level 3 is where the men are separated from the boys...
 Level 3 boss is insane and I usually can't get past it without dying once or twice

 Level 4 can get kinda claustrophobic. A-Lin showed me the way of using the blue laser to reflect off the ceilings here
 Level 4 boss - Sorry for the lame screenshot, I took these before I knew the game very well. This is probably my favorite boss. Tons of bullets to dodge.
 Level 5 - This is where things get absolutely insane

A-Lin's final playthrough video here:

organic io's final playthrough video here (2 parts):

One final thing to mention... A-Lin, when you posted your actual numerical score, I didn't know how meaningful that would be. I wondered whether it was the score on your first credit, or the score on your 3rd credit. Then when I watched my final playthrough I realized this game is unique in that it actually keeps your score between credits... So it's actually the total score of all 3 credits! Very cool and meaningful for guys like us  :)    Most games don't do that I don't think.

So who won?
Drumroll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Final scores:

Score: 863500
Level: Mid-way of final area

organic io:
Score: 830500
Level: Beginning of final area

Of coursee!!!!!  You win when we shoot stuff!!!!   :-D

Great round. Stay tuned for the conclusion of Out Zone coming up tomorrow night...

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  1. I watched your final run from level 3 to the end. Wow! Great run!!! You got as far on your 1st credit as where my 3rd credit ended. Then it quickly went to hell after that. That level seems ridiculous!

    On my final run, I almost got really discouraged during level 3 when I died several times in a row at seemingly easy places for no reason. I was about to give up, but the turning point was when I beat level 3 boss without dying... Usually I die once or twice during it. After that, I knew I may still be able to pick it up :)

    One challenge of these games is learning how to keep yourself calm if you mess up early on... You get a certain expectation of "I should be able to get at least this far on my first life/credit" and if you make a mistake before then it can be really frustrating. But I just had to calm myself down :)

    Great round my friend!