Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Currently Playing" and "Next Game" on the sidebar

Since I am posting so much stuff that is not game rounds, they are getting kind of buried in the blog posts. R-Type Leo is still active and it's something like 9 posts down!

Therefore I have added a little "Currently Playing" to the sidebar. That way we can easily remember and also visitors to the site will be able to see what the active round is. It also shows the next game planned underneath.

Simple but functional.


  1. I put some new stuff on the sidebar. The first thing you see is the "player points". I went through the previous rounds and calculated them. Winner of a round gets 1 point, loser gets 0 points.

    I was surprised that I am in the lead, but I highly suspect you will be in the lead soon :) I didn't even count Hurrican since you couldn't get it working.

    And I also added a "game list", with a list of all past rounds/games, a link to them, and who won.

    It pushed the "blog archive" down quite a bit, but it works and I find all this data meaningful. What do you think?

  2. Very functional, +1! This is getting serious! ;-)