Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lost games which have recently been released

We don't have to definitely play these, I just wanted to shed some light on them and propose them as options for some point in the future.

First we have "Blaze" for Amiga. It's a Sonic clone that was coded in 1993 and just released in 2015

Next, we have "Wonderland Dizzy" for NES. I have always wanted to play a Dizzy game but never sat down for very long with one.

"Putty Squad" for Genesis / Megadrive. According to, the game was developed for Amiga, SNES, Genesis and PC, but only the SNES version ever hit the shelves. Unsure whether the levels are different on the Genesis version.

"Beyond Kung Fu" for arcade. Sequel to a game I've never heard of called "Kung Fu Master"

And we can always check out some of those new NES games that they are still making these days   :)
The game was originally developed in the mid-Nineties for the Amiga 1200, SNES, Mega Drive and PC, but of these four only the SNES version ever reached the shelves. - See more at:

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  1. Dizzy and Putty were also on my games list.

    Wow, I didn't know the existence of Beyond Kung-Fu. It was nice to watch, although the game-play looks a bit too much like the first one.